Delicious, scrumptious recipes - veterinarian approved, for your cat to enjoy on special occasions (and you to enjoy preparing for him!).
Elegant, fancy garnishes for each dish.
Amusing, adorable illustrations.
Whimsical, poetic presentation on every page.
Quotes about cats and kittens from notables of past and present centuries.
Interesting facts, too. (Even about Winston Churchill and his cat.)
After all, life is to be enjoyed. In big and little ways. By you and your cat. What better way than including your cat on special occasions. Christmas, the Fourth of July, the Day You Got Your Raise. This book helps you do that. When you eat special meals — your cat should too. Putting a smile on his face will put a smile on yours. And, if you're entertaining - on your guests' faces, too.

Choose from a TABLE OF CONTENTS featuring Hors d'oeuvres, Main Dishes, Holiday Treats, Casseroles, Party Punch, Barbecue Bits, Summer Spritzers, and Birthday Fun. Learn facts about the feline diet. How, Why and When to Use this book. Attend the Kitty-Cat Banquet!

The author's own two cats and the inspiration for this book. Lisa, the petite and pedigreed blue-smoke Persian, with a penchant for wearing bonnets on all special occasions; and Charles, the once stray and homeless shorthair who jumped into her lap and life.
The lifelong cat lover who wrote this book, Barbara Ellen Benson, has been published all over the USA and first included her cats in her writing when she established a pet column while working in New York City for a national magazine. Lisa's bio and picture were featured in the column much to her feline delight; and, as an equal opportunity cat lover, months later, Ms. Benson featured Charles's as well - though he didn't share his sister Lisa's vanity and could have skipped the whole thing. Ms. Benson, since writing "The Kitty-Cat Cookbook," has acquired a beautiful and huge Tabby, named Buffy. Buffy is currently campaigning to be included in some publication somewhere and the author is doing her best to deal with this dilemma. In the meantime, you can see the author and watch her prepare a recipe from "The Kitty-Cat Cookbook," as featured on cable TV's Pet Peeves.

The most credible review of the book came from the guest cat on
Pet Peeves who was selected from the audience to sample Salmon Supreme from the Main Dishes section of the book. The cat ate his serving most enthusiastically, gobbled, gobbled; indeed, chowed down the dish. Book critics who have read the book, though not sampled the food, have said:
As reviewed in Cat Fancy magazine by Job Michael Evans: "The Kitty-Cat Cookbook" caused a stir among cat owners after it was advertised in Cat Fancy and other publications. Readers wrote to the publisher stating that the recipes really turned their cats on. A few personal experiments bore this out. I tried "Cream Cheese and Shrimp Balls," from the hors d'oeuvres section, on a Scottish Fold who went into ecstasy, and "Crunchy Celery Cheeseburger" on an Abyssinian who entered his ninth life.
The author is careful to note that these recipes are for special occasions only and are to supplement regular balanced diets. She employed
two cats, Lisa and Charles, as her testers and couldn't have had a more varied panel. There is a touch of whimsy and a touch of wisdom that runs throughout this nifty manual. Illustrations are entertaining and well done. Readers will find recipes that add spice to the feline lifestyle while making the owner feel great about cooking for kitty, which is perhaps the chief goal of such a book anyway.

As reviewed by a cat owner: "My cat loves his special-occasion menus, especially Tuna Loaf, and appreciates the author's attention to detail in the presentation of each dish. Plus, it is the cleverest book I've ever read. I loved the quotes! I loved it all! My niece will go crazy over this book. She has three Siamese cats!"

Arline Lee, Ann Arbor, Michigan

As reviewed by a cat owner: "The book is a delight. My cat loves the food and me even more for preparing his "special dishes" on special occasions. The quotations are a lovely touch."

Gillian Hyde, Woodland Hills, California
A house without a cat, and a well-fed, well-petted, and
properly revered cat, may be a proper house,
perhaps, but how can it prove its title?

Mark Twain

Feeling good. Having fun. Loving each day... creating a new world... and getting a little silly in the process. That's what "The Kitty-Cat Cookbook" is all about...

The perfect gift to bring a chuckle to the heart of any cat lover you're fortunate enough to know. Enjoy!